Introducing Automatia

Introducing Automatia Machines

We take this opportunity to introduce, Automatia - the high-precision engine reconditioning and custom-built high-end special purpose machines (SPMs).

Automatia, based in Cochin, Kerala, India, was established in May of 2011 with a history that goes all the way back to 1995 as being pioneers in the design room and manufacture of automotive service machines for engine rebuilding. Today, we have in our team the most experienced, diversified and respected mechanical constructors in India, who honed their skills from Kuttukaran Machine Tools, Bangalore.

Over the years, our dedicated service has helped us create a large and loyal client base in most of Middle East Countries, African Continent, Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Finland, etc.

Our strength lies in our hands-on experience in various aspects of design, manufacture, sales, service, & customer relations. Our long history has helped us build a strong foundation in heavy engineering manufacturing and marketing & sales and incorporate core values into every job that we do. It has helped us build strong client relationships and guide our business practices, strategy, and vision.

Our mission and vision is to provide world class products & services at par with products from EU & US manufacturers at affordable prices by incorporating latest technology to improve precision and durability as well as reduce running costs.

We continue to take on new challenges and make our presence felt by contributing to the giant economic industrial strides of African, Arab, and Asian countries and is a great honor for us to serve our customers and their economies through manufacturing.

We request you to explore Automatia Machines ( and help us deliver you Total Engine Rebuilding Solutions.

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